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October 2006

Once I Was An Expert .
A very smug expert.  

I knew how to raise a child right.  
If other people knew what I knew
there wouldn't be a misguided person on this earth.   

Here is what I know now.  

The only absolute in parenting, in my opinion,
is that you will be humbled.  
You will make mistakes.  
You will say and do the wrong things.  
You will let the wrong things slide
and make too big of a deal of things
that won't really matter in ten years.  

I would have done a lot of things better
but I didn't know at the time or have the
tools or knowledge or the awareness
of what really matters in the long run.  

I stayed smug for a long, long time.  
Maybe you are smug too?  

Even the things you do right may not work out.  
The lessons you are absolutely sure you taught
may not have stuck, and your child will do things
that make you smack your forehead
and pray know one else finds out about.  
But you still love them.  
After all just because you know better doesn't mean
they do.  They are making their own mistakes
just like we did.  Just like we didn't listen.  

Whatever your hopes and wishes are for them
are not the same and cannot override
their wishes for themselves.  

Humility, forgiveness, patience and love.  

Those are the lessons you come out of the other side with.  

Everything will be ok in the end.  
Be your best and pray that the become their best.

Try to do your best in the little things.  
Make your home a happy one, a pleasant place to be,
a place of welcome no matter how intense the arguments may be.

Everything matters.  Every word.  

Everything you do and do not do.  

You will be humbled.

Better than us have already been.   

You will forgive your child and yourself.  
If you have not been humbled yet remember these words:  

Just love them until the end.  

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I carry your heart with me
I carry it in my heart.
I am never without it.
Anywhere I go, you go my dear;
And whatever is done by only me
Is your doing, my darling.
I fear no fate,
For you are my fate, my sweet.
I want no world
For Beautiful you are my world, my true.
And it’s you
are whatever a moon
has always meant
And whatever a sun will always sing
is you.
Here is the deepest secret nobody knows
Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
And the sky of the sky of the tree called life;
Which grows higher than soul can hope
or mind can hide
And this is the wonder
that’s keeping the stars apart.
I carry your heart,
I carry it in my heart.

e e Cummings